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Checking Your Homes Electrical System


No matter how well you take care of your home, the electrical system is going to be prone to wear and tear over time. Regularly testing and evaluating the various switches, receptacles and breakers in your home's electrical system can prevent a dangerous situation from occurring later on.


Begin by checking all appliance and extension cords, particularly those that you do not use on a regular basis, for any signs of wear. If a cord shows signs of wear or the ground on it is broken, it should be thrown away and replaced.


It's also a good idea to analyze the lighting in your home as this can oftentimes be a good indicator of a potential problem with the wiring in a home. If lights tend to dim or brighten from time to time for no reason, you could have a wiring problem that should be addressed. In some instances lighting may experience a slight decrease in brightness when a large electrical load has just begun or when an appliance that cycles is in use, such as an iron. If neither of these reasons is the cause of lighting flickering or dimming, you should definitely consider that there could be a wiring problem.


Many homeowners make the mistake of misusing surge protectors and extension cords. Extension cords are only intended for temporary use and should always be used as the rating indicates. Never make the mistake of using an extension cord to extend a surge protector's range. Furthermore, you should never link surge protectors together.

It is also a good idea to inspect your electrical service between the main panel board in your home and the street. Begin by inspecting the overhead wires and making sure that they are not any lower than ten feet above the ground. They should also not have any contact with any obstacles such as tree branches. Any wires that are bare should be replaced by your local utility company.


Next, you should check the electric meter to be sure it is waterproof and functional. Also, ensure it is fastened securely. If notice any problems with the electric meter, make sure you notify the utility company.


It is also important to test all of the circuit breakers. This can be done by flipping them manually on and off to be sure they are in good operating condition. You can also use a circuit breaker and resistance tester to test each breaker. This tool can be used for simulating an overload condition.In addition, be sure to check all of the electrical outlets and receptacles in your home to be sure there are no loose cover plates and that all are properly functioning.


Finally, check all of the smoke detectors in the home to make sure they are functioning. Remember that it's a good idea to replace the batteries in smoke detectors twice per year.


Checking the wiring and electrical system in your home on a regular basis can help you to avoid possible dangers and ensure your home remains in good operating condition..


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