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Danny L. Smith

Executive Coach, Personal Development Trainer,

Licensed Empowerment Mentor

I use my time, attitude, skill and knowledge to add value to people within my spheres of influence. 

My bias is heavily weighted towards Leadership. Experience has shown me that everything rises and falls on leadership. Do you wonder what you could have done differently last month or last year to have more business today? What are you going to do differently today, tomorrow, next week and next month to have more business in the future?

The training and coaching I offer will help you increase your spheres of influence and stop wasting so many handshakes. I offer...

- Leadership Mastermind Groups
- Weekly Lunch & Learns on Marketing and Leadership
- Workshops
- Coaching: One-to-One and Group

In 30 plus years of professional life, my talent and passion as a trainer and coach is evident in the history of making a difference in the lives and careers of my clients, employees and others within my spheres of influence. My mission statement includes "...making a difference and a reasonable profit." 

My Specialties: Building high performance mortgage production teams. Blending People, Strategies, Operations & Sales Processes. Executive Coach. Certified Coach, Speaker and Trainer with The John Maxwell Team. Certified Guerrilla Marketing Coach. Leadership Assessments: administration and coaching.

My Objective is to expand my spheres of influence and utilize my talents, attitude, skills and knowledge to make a difference in an individual's and/or company’s cultural success.

My ideal referral is:

1. a Real Estate company's owner who wants to increase the level of leadership within his/her company
2. a Sales Person who is stuck and wants to go to his/her next level
3. an Executive that wants to add more value to his organization

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Whether you want personal real estate business coaching or your would like to get some ideas on how to organize your time and life better, these coaches do a great job.

Personal Growth and Development

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