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The Good Faith Estimate - A quick and easy explanation of what this form tells you and how to use it to shop for a mortgage.

The HUD1 -The Settlement Statement can be intimidating but this simple explanation from First American TItle helps make it easy. Great for first time homebuyers.

Should you Rent or Buy? Here are some things to consider when making that decision.

Things to know when buying your first home.

How much are you going to put down? There are many other things to consider when making that decision.

Understanding Buyer and Seller Concessions.

What do you do if you are outbid on the house you want? Here is some great advice.

Buying and Selling a home at the same time has some challenges. See what you need to do to make this a seamless, low stress process.

Separating the WANTS from the NEEDS is a important part of determining which house is for you.

How much home can you afford? Although the bank has you approved you for a certain amount what else should you consider?

Client Learning Library


Here is a great set of videos to answer your clients many questions


about the process of purchasing to home.


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