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.What to Tell Your Mover to Get an Accurate Quote


One of people’s biggest fears when it comes to moving is the hidden expenses. Unexpected costs like having to board a nervous pet, pay for school transcripts and records, or make a last minute run for extra moving supplies can quickly add up and exceed your moving budget. One of the most common budget busters is when moving costs exceed your moving quote.


There is nothing scarier than hearing a vastly different number for your total move than what you received on a quote. So what can you do to ensure that you get the most accurate quote possible and keep unexpected costs to a minimum? Here are some great tips from our experts:


Accurate count of items

 When submitting your info for a quote, be sure to be completely thorough. Don’t just put “nightstands” put “4 nightstands.” When it comes to boxes, overestimate the number you think you’ll need. No matter how efficiently you pack, there will always be last minute boxes thrown together and they will be included in the price of your move. Count everything out and write it down before you submit your information.


Know the lay of the land

Always let your movers know if there are stairs involved in your move. Are you leaving a second story apartment? Is your new home 2 stories? This can definitely add unexpected charges to your move. Also, is there immediate parking available? If the movers will have to park more than 100ft from your front door, that can add fees as well. Let them know if there will be a place close by to park the truck, or if there will be extra walking needed.


What needs TLC? 

Do you have a cabinet with glass shelves or marble topped tables? Will there be furniture that needs to be disassembled and reassembled? How many of the boxes will be fragile? Items that need TLC should be included in your information because they can add time and money to your quote.

How far are we traveling? Providing accurate to/from addresses is very important for getting an accurate quote. Moving 3 miles down the road is very different from moving 25 miles from one end of town to the other. Submitting that information will help your movers give you a more accurate quote.

We hope these tips will help you get an accurate quote from your movers and no surprise charges on moving day!


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