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4 Ways to Save Money When Hiring a Painting Contractor


If you've renovated your home or are embarking on a major redecorating project you will need the services of a professional painting contractor. Sure, you could paint the area yourself, but if you need the job done right and quickly nothing beats the quality job an experienced painter delivers. Get a handle on the budget by making sure you've looked at these four ways to save money when hiring a painting contractor. DIY isn't the only way to save. Have a pro look after this project for you and you'll be amazed at the results.


Who to Hire?

Looking the services of the best painter is going to be the easiest way to save money on this project. Sounds strange? Because the paint will be something that you see every day, something that the entire decorating scheme depends on, you won't be satisfied until it's done properly. Hiring an experienced painter is the best way to get the best job. Repairs, repainting and redecorating again will all cost you money. Taking the time to find the best painting contractor is the smart thing to do.


Ask for referrals. Take a look at some of the work different painters have done. If the contractor can't give you a list of past clients that you can actually visit and speak to they are not the contractor to hire. Make sure the employees of a painting business are all experienced and that the products being used are top of the line. That includes brushes, rollers, prep equipment and of course, the paint itself.


Skip the Middleman

There may be some savings if you can source out the paint and primer directly from a retailer or better yet, a wholesaler. Buying the paint from your contractor may be easier but you will also be paying a mark up that could possibly be eliminated.


Ask your painter whether this is an option, as some of them won't paint with a product they haven't supplied. This is mainly due to warranty issues. Checking ahead of time will let you know whether this a viable option for saving money or not.


Wherever you obtain the paint from, be sure it is a high quality brand. The color is secondary next to the consistency and durability of the product.


Cleaning is Key

You can save money on labor charges by doing a good job of cleaning up the existing area beforehand. Wash down the walls and floors, as well as any other surfaces that will be painted. Give the trim and molding a quick wipe down so that any dust, dirt and debris will not affect the taping.

Clear out the area to be painted as well by moving the furniture and taking down any pictures, shelving or other decorative elements. This will ensure your possessions are well taken care of and reduce the chance of breakage or damage.


You Pay for Prep

The results of painting are often determined by the amount of prep involved. Ask your painter whether there are any steps you can help out with to make sure all of the necessary prep work is completed. If your contractor is paid by the hour you will save some money by removing the outlet covers and light fixtures yourself. It may not be a good idea to attempt taping off the windows and trim, as the professionals usually have a certain system or style that they use. Simple prep work can be handled by the homeowner, cutting down on labor charges, while the more involved prep should be left to the experienced painters.


Use drywall mud to fill in the cracks and any damage to the drywall before the painters arrive. Make sure the area is well sanded and smooth. If the painters are required to do any of this repair work, you will likely be paying a hefty sum on top of your quoted price.


Save money hiring a painting contractor and have the job done professionally. Your redecorating or renovation project will be truly beautiful with the skills of a pro painter on your side. Cut down the costs by hiring the best company for the job. Find out whether you can supply the paint and primer, reducing any mark up charged by the contractor. And both prep and cleaning can be done before the painter arrives, saving them time and you money.


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